Spectra Fan Services Ltd., strives to be on the cutting edge of Commercial and Industrial Preventative Maintenance. The specialists at Spectra Fan Services Ltd., will make your quality fan servicing seem easy. We strive to meet the customer requirements and keep the equipment down time to a minimum.

Fan Service - Equipment - Expertise

Our field equipment includes fully rigged service trucks including portable machining equipment, portable analysis and laser alignment equipment.  Our technicians are the best in the industry.

If the fan in your industrial, commercial HVAC system is in need of service, trust the professionals at Spectra Fan Services Ltd.  With more than 40 combined years of fan service experience and we utilize some of the best third party names in business today.

Spectra Fan Services Ltd., offers installation, replacement and retrofit services.  Our technicians and third party service contractors can provide complete fan replacements.

Machining / Welding
Field machining and keywaying of shafts are accomplished at your site by our own technicians, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Bearing replacement
Spectra Fan Services Ltd., stocks an extensive line of fan bearings and fan shafting.  This allows us to provide the quickest turnaround when a failure occurs.

Shaft Replacement
Spectra Fan Services Ltd., stocks and extensive line of fan shafts and fan bearings.  This allows us to provide the quickest turnaround when a failure occurs.  With some basic data and dimensional data, machining can be carried out onsite which is particularly useful and cost effective when a failure occurs at a remote site.

Vibration Analysis
Mechanical vibration provides invaluable information on the health of rotating equipment including fans.  Spectra Fan Services Ltd., provides state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic techniques predict problems well in advance of breakdown, reducing unexpected downtime and repair costs.  This approach improves equipment reliability, while eliminating the stress and costs associated with obsolescent reactive maintenance programs.

  1. Fan Repairs

  2. Installation

  3. Rebuilding

  4. Vibration Analysis

  5. Precision Laser Alignment

  6. Dynamic Balancing

  7. Machining / Welding

  8. Trouble-shooting

  9. Parts

  10. Retrofits

  11. Preventative  Maintenance

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